8th November 2018, The Strand Palace, London




The 2018 Diagnostics Summit will address how Diagnostics are supporting prevention of hospital admissions across the UK. Drawing on best-practice and expertise from key leaders at the forefront of Diagnostics research and development, the Summit will explore how Diagnostics are being implemented at community care and secondary health levels including within Laboratory's to prevent disease and infection. Bringing together European leading experts via presentations, workshops and case studies the Summit will look at how Diagnostics are currently improving patient outcomes.

We will explore:

  • Current diagnostic testing in GP surgeries and Pharmacies
  • How Diagnostics can be funded and funding barriers
  • Reasearch on rapid testing
  • Children diagnostics
  • Point of care testing
  • The role of diagnostics within pharmacies
  • Home care diagnostics
  • Education on testing and accuracy
  • Patient and Clinical pathways
  • Holistic approach to prevention

Key health areas examined in the Summit include:

  • Sexual Health
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • Sepsis
  • Obesity
  • Urinary Infections

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Preliminary Agenda

8 NOV 2018

*Programme subject to change

08:45 - Delegate Registration & Expo

09:30 - Conference Chair Introduction

Speaker: Doris-Ann Williams MBE, Chief Executive, BIVDA

09:40 - Keynote Address - UK AMR Diagnostics Collaborative

- Speaker: Fiona Carragher, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England - Invited

09:50 - Keynote Address

Speaker: TBC

10:05 - Keynote Address

Speaker: TBC

10:20 - Main Sponsor

Speaker: TBC

10:35 - TBC

- Speaker: TBC

10:50 - Panel Debate

Speaker: TBC

11:20 - Refreshments & Expo

11:40 - Diagnostics in action- Workshop Breakout session 1

Stream 1 - AMR
Stream 2 - Sexual Health
Stream 3 - Diabetes
Stream 4 - Cancer

12.10- Diagnostics in action- Workshop Breakout session 2

Stream 5 - TBC following findings from the NHS England workshop Feb 28th
Stream 6 - TBC following findings from the NHS England workshop Feb 28th
Stream 7 - TBC following findings from the NHS England workshop Feb 28th
Stream 8 - TBC following findings from the NHS England workshop Feb 28th

12:45 - Lunch, Expo & Poster Session

Overcoming the challenges and progressing In-Vitro Diagnostics

13:40 - Funding & Finance

Speaker: TBC

14:00 - Incentivising Diagnostics Usage in Primary Care

Speaker: TBC

14:20 - Evaluating Data and Improving Quality

Speaker: TBC

14:40 - Evaluating and Measuring Quality

Speaker: TBC

15:00 - Do We Need Diagnostic Settings to Change?

15:20 - Transforming Existing Pathways

Speaker: TBC

15:40 - Designing the right assay

Speaker: TBC

16:00 - Conference Close

Check back soon for the 2018 conference. You can view slides from our 2017 conference by clicking the button below. 



Speaker TBC

Speaker TBC

Speaker TBC

Speaker TBC


The Strand Hotel, London



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  • Exhibition Space 3x2 Metre: Table, Chair, Table Cloth (Next to Refreshments)
  • Speaking slot on plenary x 20 mins morning slot
  • Workshop x 30 mins
  • 4 Tickets to attend
  • Delegate bag inserts x 200
  • Event guide advert full page colour
  • Lanyard Branding colour
  • Delegate bag Branding two tone colour
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  • 250-word advertorial in monthly newsletter pre-Summit
  • 1 ticket to attend

  • Prearranged one-on-one meetings ensure that you have personal time with your choice of delegates.

  • Full delegate profiles are provided prior to the conference to ensure that onsite, you meet with relevant delegates who are truly interested in your products and services.

  • Meetings can take place on your exhibition or in our own private meeting area.

  • Exhibition Space 3x2 Metre: Table, Chair, Table Cloth
  • Speaking slot on plenary x 15 mins
  • Workshop x 30 mins
  • 2 Tickets to attend
  • Branding on Website
  • Profile in Event Guide
  • Delegate list

  • Exhibition Space 3x2 Metre: Table, Chair, Table Cloth
  • 2 Tickets to attend
  • Branding on Website
  • Profile in Event Guide
  • Delegate list

  • Branding and logo design on Cloth Bags
  • 2 tickets to attend
  • Profile and branding in event guide
  • Profile and branding on event website

  • 30-minute workshop
  • 2 tickets to attend
  • Branding on Website
  • Profile in Event guide
  • Delegate list

If you're interested in discussing the packages that we have on offer get in touch by emailing: Scott@4allofus.org.uk


Who Will Attend?

  • Prescribers
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • AMR Programme lead
  • Head Biomedical Scientist
  • Health and Wellbeing Boards
  • Community Pharmacists
  • Pharmacists
  • Lead Antimicrobial Pharmacist
  • Clinical Quality Manager
  • Heads of Medicines Management
  • Prescribing Support Pharmacist
  • Health Improvement Manager
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Microbiologists
  • Microbiology Laboratory Manager
  • Lead for Laboratory Medicine
  • DEC IVD Senior Methodologist
  • Senior Commissioning Manager

The UK Diagnostics Summit is brought to you by 4 All of us, a mission-driven organisation working to tackle the impact of Antimicrobial Resistance by investing and supporting those working at the forefront of AMR. 4 All of us currently works with Public Health England on the Antibiotic Guardian Campaign as well as supporting the UK AMR Diagnostics Collaborative. We are proud to have the support of the British In-Vitro Diagnostics Association for the UK Summit.

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